Weight Loss Tips for Teenage Guys – Exercise, Diet and Lifestyle Changes

Today, our culture is inspired by fashion magazines and movie stars and there isn’t anything wrong with making efforts for getting in shape and following some weight loss tips for teenage guys. So, before starting it all, you should set realistic timelines and targets for the weight loss plans you are going to follow.

Eating healthy diet in teenage is very much necessary as our body is still growing in those years. But most of the times one starts dieting in order to get quick results and have a body like that of celebrities. Even though it can be helpful in losing weight quickly, it can result in adverse consequences. However, weight loss tips for teenage guys suggest that one should aim at losing 8-10 pounds in around 4 weeks with the help of regular exercise and following proper diet regimen.

Healthy Weight Loss Tips for Teenage Guys

In order to shed those extra pounds in a healthy way, it is necessary for the teenagers to plan their exercise routine, eat proper diet and make some good lifestyle changes as well. These weight loss tips for teenage guys can really help!


It has often been observed in the teenagers that weight gain becomes visible in chest, arms, belly and hips regions. One can use weight training for targeting these particular areas. A good workout plan would be to do weight training on 3 days every week and making sure that several body parts are done in a day. For instance, one day you can work your chest, triceps and shoulder and the next day you can target your biceps and the back and lastly you can perform leg exercises. Most potent of all weight loss tips for teenage guys is performing less repetitions using heavy weights instead of performing more repetitions using less weight.

Cardiovascular exercises should be performed for 40-50 minutes, at least, and make sure that your workout routines have certain variations in order to make sure that you do not get bored. When performing gym workouts, you can keep alternating between treadmill and stair stepper or cross trainer. Make sure that intensity levels are set for supporting the weight loss regimen that you are following.

Healthy Diet

Fresh fruit and vegetables should be the main constituents of your diet. They carry enormous amounts of essential nutrients while being low in terms of calories. So, if one seriously wants to lose weight, half of their meal, at least, should consist of fruit and vegetables. Particularly include those that have good amounts of fiber in them, like beans, papaya, prunes and broccoli.

Proteins, Fats and Carbohydrates

Those looking for weight loss tips for teenage guys should intake a proper mix of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. For ensuring that you do not gain weight, you should take only complex carbohydrates that are normally found in whole grains, muesli and bread. Proteins like eggs, meats, broccoli, fish and beans should be a part of your diet. Fats that are present in the olive oil are known to help with weight loss as well.

You’d be surprised to know that water can be helpful in weight loss. Water eliminates wastes and fats from our body and does not let fat to accumulate inside our body. Therefore, it is one of simplest weight loss tips for teenage guys. Drink 2 liters water daily.

Lifestyle Changes

Maintaining healthy lifestyle is also amongst top weight loss tips for teenage guys. Rest is needed by our body as well as our mind for rejuvenating. So, make sure that you sleep well. Try to adjust a routine of taking 10-15 minutes power nap in your schedule. If you like drinking soda then supplement it with the fruit juices. It is always better not to go for sugary and processed snacks such as cookies, candies, etc. Instead, go for ones that are fiber-rich and carry important nutrients.

These weight loss tips for teenage guys really work and can help in weight loss. In fact, once you have shed those extra pounds, following this routine will allow you to keep them off as well.

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