How to Achieve Back Pain Relief with Simple Back Pain Remedies

Back pain is a problem which is spreading among men and women of all ages. The reasons are multiple and the most common of them are improper way of sitting, uncomfortable chairs in the work place, lack of exercise, lifting weight by bending the back and sometimes long drives. In some cases it is related to hormones in the body as well. Back pain relief is not achieved through one method or a single medication. You need to adopt a well-rounded treatment that is comprised of multiple methods all addressing to treat the pain in the back whether it is chronic or not. Here are some of the tips that can help you.

Light Exercise

Aerobics help your muscles keep flexible and whatever pain is linked to the back muscles is relieved with regular aerobics. Do not stress yourself but gradually increase the duration and intensity of the aerobics you choose. Lower back pain remedy takes time to bring hundred percent results.

Massage Therapy

For fast back pain relief massage therapy is the best method. Through massage the blood flow increases towards the aching part of the body and the person feels relief for the time being.


It is a very old and effective way of treating chronic pains in the body and is especially sought for back pain relief. Sometimes different types of paralysis in the body also can be treated by acupuncture. This treatment is a long term method but most of the times it brings great results.

Change Your Seat

Often uneven seat which does not have a proper back-rest option cause lower back pain. Take notice of this matter immediately and it is quite possible that only changing your chair can get you back pain relief.

Eating Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate has a ton of benefits. It is good for cardiac health, muscles, brain etc. Among some of the easy back pain remedies taking dark chocolate is strongly recommended. You can drink it with milk to just enjoy eating it.

Adequate Rest

Back pain is the result of inadequate sleep also. Increase the time of your sleep if you are not sleeping as much as your age and work intensity requires.

Hamstring Stretching

Among many stretching exercises hamstring stretching is very helpful for your back muscles. At least twice a day do this exercise particularly.

Home Remedies for Back Pain

For quick back pain relief apply temperature therapy. Ice therapy brings fast relief as it blocks the pain signals. You can crush the ice cubes and place them in a plastic bag and then in a cloth bag to make a soft, comfortable pillow like formation. You can lay on it for a while. Repeat the process more than once in a day. After 48 hours use heat therapy. Dip a towel in hot water and wring it. Lie on your stomach and place the towel on your lower back. After covering it with a plastic put heating pad on it. Stay for 20 minutes. Repeat the process every day until you feel fine.

You can combine more than one from the above methods to get a full back pain relief. The pain subsides gradually, so do not quit the treatment before you feel fully relived.

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