Anxiety Symptoms That Show You May Have Anxiety Disorder

Everybody can get anxious or nervous off and on – when speaking before the public, for example, or when facing some financial problem. There are few, however, for whom anxiety gets too frequent, or forceful, that their lives are being taken over by it.

So, is there any parameter which can suggest if your anxiety has gone over the line and turned into disorder? It may not be too easy. There are different forms of anxiety – like panic attacks, social anxiety, and phobia – and there isn’t always any clear distinction between normal anxiety and official diagnosis.

Here are some of the anxiety symptoms and if you are experiencing these on regular basis then you may need to go to a doctor.

Excessive Worry

Excessive worry about routine matters is the key thing behind generalized anxiety disorder, which is the broadest kind of anxiety. But what is meant by “excessive”?

When it comes to GAD, the anxiety symptoms one experiences include the persistence of anxious thoughts throughout the week, over a period of six months. Furthermore, anxiety gets so bad and it starts interfering with routine life with noticeable anxiety symptoms, like fatigue. The thing that discriminates normal anxiety from anxiety disorder is whether you’re facing so much of dysfunction and suffering from your emotions.

Problems With Sleep

If you are facing problems in staying asleep or falling asleep you are experiencing anxiety symptoms. It is usually associated with different health conditions that are physical as well as psychological. Furthermore, it’s usual to just lie around and keep turning yourself with anticipation when you have that job interview or big speech the next day.

However, if it’s kind of a chronic problem for you to lie awake, agitated or worried – on particular problems such as money, or just nothing special – you should treat it as one of the anxiety symptoms and that you are suffering from this disorder. Estimates suggest that half of the total people suffering from GAD usually experience these sleep problems.

You might also wake up with a feeling that the mind is in a race and you are not able to relax and calm down yourself.

Irrational Fears

Sometimes you are not facing generalized anxiety; contrarily, the anxiety is attached to particular situations in such cases – such as flying, crowds, or animals. The anxiety symptoms for such anxiety disorders would be that your fears become disruptive, overwhelming and go way beyond actual risk associated. This suggests you are suffering from phobia which is also a kind of anxiety.

Even though phobias can cause the person to cripple, but they aren’t obvious all the time. As a matter of fact, they might not appear unless a particular situation is confronted and you find out that the fear is all over you and you can’t get out of it.

These are some of the basic anxiety symptoms and signs that show that you may be suffering from an anxiety disorder. Proper anxiety treatment should be taken in order to tackle the problem.

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